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What are your opening times?
We are open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Do I require an appointment?
It is better to book an appointment so we can ensure you have the best experience on your visit; however, we are open for you to call in any time during our opening hours and if we are busy we can always book you an alternative time to suit. I will be happy to arrange full private appointment booking times if this would be your preference. You can call Stella at any time on 01246 432123 to make an appointment.

Who should I bring to help me?
Feel free to bring guests with you, we really want you to have the best experience. If you are bringing more than 2 people, please do call beforehand to confirm and make an appointment so that we can accommodate. Its so nice to have family and friends share your experience, but please keep in mind the most important opinion to us is the Brides!

Can we bring fizz?
Of course! We offer light refreshments as per our standard hospitality, but if you would like to celebrate with your own bubbles feel free.

Should I wear any special underwear?
Not really, but flesh coloured is best.

How much are your gowns?
All our wedding gowns are £925 or less.

How long will I need to try gowns on?
Each appointment is for one hour, but if you need more time don’t worry, you wont be rushed.

How many gowns can I try on?
As many as you need to.

Do you reserve gowns?
If you find a gown that you would like to buy we take a £75 deposit which secures that gown as yours. The next payment on your gown is after 1 month.

Do you have accessories to go with my chosen gown?
We have a fabulous range of veils, tiaras, hairpieces, belts, straps, jackets and underskirts for you to choose from.

Do I have to pay for the gown and take it away on the day I choose it?
Yes you can pay in full on the day and take it away. Or we have other payment options such as, if you decide to purchase a gown we take a £75 deposit, then we split the remaining balance into 3 payments over the following 3 months. We store your gown at no charge for up to 6 months, then if you require storage beyond 6 months, we charge a nominal fee.

Does the gown come in a bag?
Yes, put your gown into a special breathable wedding gown bag at no extra charge.

How long can I leave my gown with you?
We store your gown for 6 months from purchase date at no charge.

Can you store the gown for longer than 6 months?
After the initial 6 months free storage we can continue to store your gown for you for as long as you would like us to.

What is the cost of storage?
£25 per quarter.

Can I try my gown on again while you are storing it?
If you wish to try your gown on while we are storing it, this can be arranged for a time within our opening hours, please call in advance to confirm.

Do you do alterations to gowns?
We do not have a seamstress at our shop, however just ask as I have a few local excellent seamstresses’ that I would be happy to recommend and provide contact details for.

What if I have any more questions?
Please call us, or if you just want to pop by for a chat we promise you a warm welcome and plenty of attention while you look for the perfect Gown.

“It was the best day of my life – I looked stunning. Thank you so much for an amazing dress at an affordable price. I honestly cannot get over how good I looked in my dress, thank you again.”